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What we do

Rooftop Revolution is an expert when it comes to activating and guiding roof owners. Do you want to get started with making your roof more sustainable? Then give us a call! We advise and guide owners from idea to construction, support governments in their climate adaptation ambitions, and help citizens to a better and greener view. Our mission: to bring more nature into the city by making the most of every roof.

Rooftop Revolution Rotterdam

In Rotterdam we are supporting our ‘wijkaanjagers’ in four districts of the city to greenify as many flat roofs as possible.


With the RESILIO project 10.000 m2 of rooftop space will be transformed into smart blue-green roofs. Housing blocks in four Amsterdam neighbourhoods have been selected to be part of this project. Smart blue green roofs can retain excess rainwater and provide space for new nature, while adding biodiversity and creating a future-proof city at the same time!

Rooftop Revolution Almere

In Almere we are asking people to apply as ‘dakboswachters’ and to be a central figure in greenifying the flat roofs in their neighbourhood. Rooftop Revolution supports them in this process and for example liaises with the landscaping firms.

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Do you want to know more about our rooftop revolution? Are you interested in joining forces? Or do you simple have an empty flat roof and want to learn about all the possibilities? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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“Feast your eyes on the flat roofs and see the difference between the dusty gravel and the vibrant greenery.”

– Johanna de Haan,
Resident of Amsterdam

“Knowledgeable. Passionate. Can really make a difference. And very nice people too. Thanks to Rooftop Revolution all the members of the HOA were able to say a resounding ‘yes’ to the green roof. Without their expertise we would not have received the generous subsidy. They expertly selected the combination with solar panels for us. Our roof of approximately 2000 m² would not have become a green roof without them. They really do live up to their name.

– Teun Zuiderent-Jerak,
Board member of Association of Owners (VvE)

“The process seems very complicated, but actually it is very easy. I am glad that Rooftop Revolution was able to take away my concerns.”

– Thea van den Heuvel,
Resident of Nijmegen