Two organizations with the same ambition join hands. ROEF and Rooftop Revolution signed a green alliance on top of a sustainable roof. They want to strengthen each other in making even more green meters on our roofs. The ‘roof activists’ also have a big dream when it comes to making use of the roof landscape; they want to create several accessible roof gardens in a city and connect them by air bridges. The ultimate goal: a huge rooftop park at high altitude! This challenging rooftop dream should be realized by 2025.

Experts on a high level
ROEF is an expert when it comes to events on and about roofs. By organizing experiences at great heights they show how the roof surface can make an important contribution to a healthy, attractive, cultural and future-proof living environment. Rooftop Revolution is an expert when it comes to activating and guiding roof owners. Do you want to get started with making your roof more sustainable? Then call these revolutionaries. They advise and guide owners from idea to construction, support governments in their climate adaptation ambitions, and help citizens to a better and greener view. Their mission: to bring more nature into the city by making the most of every roof.

A world of possibilities
Flat roofs are the largest area of fallow surface in the Netherlands. In total there is some 600km2 of free space above the city that begs to be used in a multifunctional way. Various sustainable options are possible. Flat roofs can become green roofs, water-storage roofs, energy-generating roofs or a combination of these. In addition, our roof surface offers space for growing fruit and vegetables, recreation, sports, living and working. A whole new world of possibilities awaits us!

Together you can go further
In order to draw even more attention to these possibilities and to realize more movement on the roofs, the ambitious sustainable doers are now going further together. Alexander van der Meer, co-founder ROEF: “We want to launch bigger initiatives with lasting impact, such as the creation of a roof park. For this we need an activating knowledge partner, and that is Rooftop Revolution”. Jan Henk Tigelaar, director Rooftop Revolution also sees joining forces as a logical development: “ROEF’s experience and network gives us the space to push our boundaries in the field of awareness and activation.”

Nomad Acadamy
Rooftop Revolution is already active in several Dutch cities. ROEF provides ‘roof activation’ mainly in Amsterdam. But both organizations also have international ambitions. This partnership is also intended to roll out cases in other countries in the future. A first step in that direction has already been made. ROEF is affiliated with the ‘Nomad Academy’. A group of nine young professionals (nomads) from various European cities who will jointly carry out a research project focused on roofs. With the ideas that follow from this, the European roof landscape must be lifted to a higher level. One of the nomads is Anne Molenaar, a graduate student in Environmental Sciences and project assistant at Rooftop Revolution. She has been chosen by ROEF to join the Academy. A first sealing of a fruitful collaboration!

The Nomad Academy is supported by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.